About Shirley

Shirley Werner is a Vancouver-based artist who brings a unique vision to creative, abstract, digital Impressionism. Her striking works have often been compared to such 20th century painters such as Jean-Paul Riopelle (who was the first Canadian painter to achieve widespread international recognition). Shirley's painterly eye, her masterful use of colour, and her transformation of the ordinary into the beautiful are more reminiscent of media such as watercolours and acrylics than they are of digital painting.

She works strictly with found images: concrete, metals, wood and natural light are her starting points.

With a background in modern interior design projects, as well as jewellery design and theatrical makeup, Shirley began her career in the visual arts through fashion - for years the clothes she wore were those she had designed and created herself.

A decade ago she began experimenting with abstract images to produce that are both contemporary and timeless. Like Riopelle, her style can be described as Lyrical Abstraction.

Her work lends itself especially well to large-scale projects, particularly when printed on metal (as large as 4 feet by 8 feet) and displayed for memorable impact in distinctive settings.